Friday, March 28, 2008

North Carolina - Basketball and BBQ

So we're headed off to Greensboro, NC tomorrow for the Women's NCAA Sweet 16 (Go GW!), and I have to admit to having no clue what there is to do in Greensboro. From what I've been told by band members who have been there before, the answer is nothing. That said, I know I am on quest. A quest for BBQ. There is nothing quite like a delicious plate of North Carolina BBQ. It's not always the best in the world, but it's always greasy, and almost always served from some little Mom and Pop joint. This place looks intriguing, though I'm sure that there are tons more like it.

In other news, the 6th seeded GW Womens Team is going to whup up on the 2nd seeded Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Game time is 2:30 on ESPN2, and it should be fantastic. I really honestly think GW can pull this one out. At least I hope they can... more later, I'm sure.

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